List of Supercomputers Present in India

List of Supercomputers Present in India

With India getting into the stage of being most known for the technology, research and development of various things are going on in India. And for all this a great asset that comes hand in hand is Information Technology. And not only this India as a country has made and set its big foot in the hardware world of computers. So, here we are getting you with a list of some of the best supercomputers in india that are famous some reasons.


It is an IBM iDataPlex Supercomputer, mainly whose compute nodes and login are populated with two Intel Sandy Bridge 8-core processors. used mainly by IITM and Pune for the Purpose of providing weather conditions, research and development and stimulating weather models for prediction of weather.


It is basically a series of computer that is designed and developed by the Bhabhha Atomic Research Center for their internal use only. In this series the latest addition is of ANUPAM-AGANYA supercomputer that is inaugurated in the year 2016. Used for reactor physics, molecular dynamical simulations, computational chemistry, theoretical physics and finite element analysis.

3. EKA

Built by the Computational Research Laboratories with the hardware provided by Hewlett-Packard. And the development work of this supercomputer is done by Tata Sons. Having a total storage capacity of 40 TeraBytes and a memory of 28.7 TeraBytes. And for the first time in the world, fibre optics cables are used to connect the various CPU’s. This supercomputer is used for the research purpose work only.


This supercomputer is established in the National Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast, Noida with a 2.8 PetaFlops unit at the NCMRWF. There are series of computers in this supercomputer that can deliver peak power of 6.8 PetaFlops. The main reason for developing both PRATYUSH and MIHIR is to move from 165th position in the world to the top 30’s in the world, in the area of supercomputers. It has high-resolution models for the prediction of cyclones.


Both of these are the latest addition in the series of PARAM supercomputers, PARAM ISHAN and PARAM KANCHENJUNGA have been setup at IIT Guwahati, while PARAM KANCHENJUNGA is stationed at NIT Sikkim’s Superconducting Centre. The main purpose of setting up PARAM ISHAN and PARAM KANCHENJUNGA is for working on computational fluid dynamics, computational chemistry, computational electromagnetic and also for the research work in the engineering field by the students and the faculty at the institute as well as teachers available across the state.

So, these are some of the best supercomputers in india that are known for the immense power and work they are setup to. In case you have any doubts or suggestion then please let us know.

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