Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2020!

Wireless earbuds are one of the most amazing revolutions that have happened so far in the field of technology. Bluetooth earbuds are the most effective when you are running or working out. The use of a Bluetooth earbuds has not only become mandatory in today’s world but it has also become a matter of style statement. Using the wired earphones […]

Best electronic gift ideas for your friend!

Looking out for a perfect electronic gift for your friend? Christmas is coming and we need to gift our dear ones with some best goodies, so why not gift them with some best electronic gadget? We all need some user-friendly gadgets and technology to make our life easy and productive enough. The best technology is always practical and can be […]

Laptop or Computer? Which one do you prefer?

Laptops have become one of the most important sources of technology. But that doesn’t mean that the desktops or the computers have absolutely become extinct. No, they haven’t yet! There are many organizations, schools, households and many other people who still prefer working on a computer rather than buying the latest laptop for their uses. Both the laptops and computers […]

Positive Effects of Technology on Education

Whether we like to admit it or not, technology plays a very important role in our lives. And to be realistic, technology is everywhere, including the computer or smartphone that you are now using to read this blog post. It is therefore normal to assume that technology has an impact on education. However, various studies have yielded mixed results. This […]

Best Mobile Network in India

Since we are in the revolution of technology the smartphone and Mobile Networks market has grown rapidly in the past few years. Every third person in this world is using a Smartphone, a good handset contains the best features that include the best camera, processor, display and etc. One of the most important requirements for any smartphone is its network. […]

Top Information Technology Companies In India

India is stunned by various IT organizations that have to a great extent contributed towards the development of the Indian economy. The nation is sent out of a few IT administrations over the globe which in the end helps in expanding the GDP of the country. Top Information Technology Companies In India: TCS: Headquartered in Mumbai, Tata Consultancy Services was […]

Mobile App Development Software

Choosing a mobile app development tool is like a one-time investment. If it is good, you can reap the benefits in the long run in the future and if it goes bad, you will have to make a new investment strategy, which will cover all the new costs. There are many challenges across the board that threaten mobile apps. This […]

Standard Chartered embarks on five-year personalised banking push with AWS

Standard Chartered Bank is deepening its long-standing ties with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by signing a global, five-year deal that will see it migrate its core banking systems and customer-facing applications to the public cloud giant’s infrastructure. The migration is part of a body of work the financial services firm is doing that will focus on delivering a more personalised […]

Making Your Business Thrive During The Pandemic – Information Technology Blog

Listen to Audio Most businesses are not working as usual, and the world is now on a different routine. While the world appears to be hit by the pandemic, it has changed daily lives’ typical ways.  These days, businesses are adjusting to current situations as people are now practicing social distancing. Moreover, many marketers and entrepreneurs are now finding ways […]